Letters from Prison
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Interlude I: Homage to Chocolate

Chocolate is a true heavenly wonder of this world.

Every time I see some chocolate, I feel an amazement just by looking, smelling and feeling such a substance. Its texture can be surprisingly described as both rough and soft. Its colour, original and satisfying. Its smell, deep and luscious.

The structure of a chocolate bar is one of its defining characteristics. Rigid and firm, yet one can easily partition it. When looking at the edges of these partitions, a view into the chocolate’s soul surfaces. A view that is authentic, beautiful, and perfect in its imperfectness of the uneven crack.

The way it breaks by hand is the same when it breaks by mouth. Teeth slowly crush the actualised divinity and, with each crack, the sublime material is divided in half. In this very process, inimitable sensations develop. Transcendental flavours fly all around one’s mouth, an explosion of saliva takes place and a hurricane of frenzy cacao intervenes—one nobody wants to stop.

Yet only a handful of seconds later it does. This is one of those moments — how could we ever not appreciate the fact that we have as much of this celestial elixir we want? The limit is in our digestive apparatus, not in the abundance of the world. I now understand why people say we should be more thankful. It’s due to chocolate.

One would think that even the thought of chocolate ending as a resource would upset me. Yet, I feel peace. Even if chocolate completely disappears from the world, I would be serenely jubilant that we had the opportunity to experience it.

Nevertheless, we still have loads of chocolate and every day I can buy a well-sized portion for one unit of currency. Isn’t that even more amazing?

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