Letters from Prison
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Interlude II: Atom Heart Mother

Theme from an Imaginary Western1. Progressive symphonic perfection. Such is the transcendence, that the band has been now criticizing this piece of their work, many years after its release2.

Inspired by a pregnant woman who had been fitted with a heart pacemaker, Atom Heart Mother provokes the subject of sapiens-made devices enabling the — still? — unexplained miracle of this world: life, soul, consciousness.

The lyrics follow.

See co ba
Nee toe
Ka ree lo, yea

Sa sa sa sa sa, fss
Drr bo ki
Rapateeka, dodo tah
Rapateeka, dodo cha

Ko sa fa mee ya
Na pa jee te fa
Na pa ru be, mm
Ba sa coo, ba sa coo

Ba sa coo, ba sa coo
Ku-ku loo, ku-ku loo
Yea yea yea um

Hm ku-ku loo you
Too boo coo doo
Foo goo hoo joo
Loo moo poo roo

Here is a loud announcement

Silence in the studio!

Apart from the two lyrics in English, all other are spoken out of authentic exclamation for the duality of our nature in the cosmos; thus the absence of any specific language, and the presence of the universe-al one.

From animals and early humans stems the intrinsic notion of survival; eat, live. However, starting with societies of just 3 millennia ago, we concern our minds with questions such as humanity’s purpose or the will of the gods. Our lives are drawn between the edges of “wake up, eat, sleep” and “commit suicide because you have no purpose”. These are the reflections of the aforementioned duality, and Atom Heart Mother, an ode to this absurdity that perpetuates our lives ad infinitum, achieves something nobody else has achieved: the musical manifestation of humanity’s desired cosmic balance.

Fuckin’ A.


David Gilmour had given that name to the chord progression of the main theme of Atom Heart Mother.


Atom Heart Mother is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd.

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