What is Laniakea Books?

Laniakea Books is a public domain publishing house based out of London, England.

We support independent authors and free knowledge by publishing books in the public domain.

See our Philosophy and How it works pages to better understand what we do.


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Theodore Keloglou
Theodore writes words and code. Recently, he thought it might be fun to write a book. This eventually became the first project of laniakea books.
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Chryssa Karatza
Chryssa is an artist and engineer with a deep love for books. She both reads them and coordinates other people around reading them.
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Zuzana Suchomelová
Zuzana is a scientist with a lot of interests that she explores through books. When she doesn’t read already known knowledge she researches new.


All our work is open source. One can find the source code of this website, along with the books we publish on our GitHub organisation.


Our website is designed to be blazing fast, simple, intuitive, and accessible. If one identifies a problem, please let us know by opening an issue on GitHub here or emailing us at team+support@laniakeabooks.org (whatever is easier).

No cookies are used for tracking or any other kind of functionality.

Our book assets (pdf, epub, print) are designed to be highly usable and of high aesthetics. If you identify any problematic parts, we’d love to know so that we can improve them.

Laniakea Books LTD is registered in England and Wales under company number 14908770.

Why are we doing this?