How it works

Given a text, we create a paper book that belongs to the public domain.

Our job is to help authors who do not want to (or cannot) follow the traditional path of going to a publisher.

We do not aim to be a traditional publishing house. We want to enable self-publishing authors. For example, we can register an ISBN number for your book but we can also tell you how we do it so that you can do it yourself—should you prefer. Similarly, we can design a cover but you may also want to work with specific designers.

We do not aim to maximise profit. We want to enrich the public domain and support free knowledge in practice. We do that by releasing books in the public domain.

All our work is free of cost. You only pay for as many paper copies you want to have.



The world:

[1] We operate in London, England and distribute to select bookstores here. Let us know if you are interested in distribution to other cities and countries.

[2] The book website will include the full text of the book and will be hosted at this website ( and, optionally, at a website of the author’s choice too.

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