Our first publication: “Letters from Prison”

Letters from Prison is the first book of Laniakea Books!

Letters from Prison was one of the initial incentives to start Laniakea Books. The content of this book started quite differently eight months ago, and even though it changed and evolved a lot, the basic theme has remained the same: societal freedom.

The strategy with publishing this book (and our intention for all books we publish) is to make it available for anyone to read in digital form but also allow people to enjoy holding and reading from a physical hard copy.

To achieve this balance as a tiny and brand new publishing company, we follow an approach that involves pre-ordering.

This book, along with everything Laniakea Books is doing, is open source and public domain. Download this book, read it, change it, remix it, sell it, burn it, eat it—anything you want—no questions asked, no permission required.

One can read and download Letters from Prison for free.

One can pre-order a paperback copy (shipping September 2023) and one can pay for the digital version (if they feel like it).

One can read the source code and see all files and assets of which Letters from Prison is composed of.



front cover

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